Pastoral Centre of Paul VI (Centro Pastoral)



The Pastoral Centre of Paul VI (Centro Pastoral) was designed by the architect José Carlos Loureiro in honour of the first Pope to make a pilgrimage to Fatima, in May 1967. This space was inaugurated by Pope John Paul II on his first visit to the Shrine in 1982. 

Besides the actions related to the reception of pilgrims, the Pastoral Centre of Paul VI receives national and international groups gathering here in the context of educational or formative events (congress, meeting, conference, retreat, etc.) in order to deepen their spirituality and experience their faith.

The large auditorium, known for its excellent acoustic quality, is one of the largest in the country, with a capacity of 2,092 seats. In addition to this space, the building also has other rooms that can host smaller events.

This space has been enriched with various works of art: the "Shepherdess", sculpture by José Rodrigues; the "The Risen Christ", by Lagoa Henriques; the "Mother of the Good Shepherd", by Graça Costa Cabral; the "Crucified Christ", by Maria Irene Vilar; a stained glass window representing the Good Shepherd, by Julio Resende; and, outside, a sculpture of Our Lady, by Domingos Soares Branco.


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