Retreat House of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
(Casa Carmo)



The mission of the Retreat House of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Casa Carmo), similar and complementary to the Retreat House of Our Lady of Sorrows (Casa Dores), is to accommodate the pilgrims who, wishing to spend the night in Fatima, also wish to do so in a serene and spiritually intense environment, within the very installations of the Shrine. In this house, they will be especially close to the places that particularly talk to the hearts of the pilgrims of Fatima: The Little Chapel of the Apparitions and the statue of Our Lady that is venerated there; the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima, where the tombs of the Little Shepherds are; the grandiose and contemporary Basilica of the Most Holy Trinity; and the Prayer Area, where the great assemblies of pilgrims gather to celebrate their faith.

Besides welcoming pilgrims individually or as a family, the house is also used for retreats, educational gatherings and other formative-pastoral activities, as well as to accommodate those who take part in these events.

In the neighbouring building, facing the Prayer Area, are located almost all the services of the Shrine. This building was inaugurated on May 13, 1986 by Mgr. Antonio Ribeiro, Cardinal-Patriarch of Lisbon. In its entrance hall stands a sculpture of Our Lady of Fatima, made in 1931 by Antonio Teixeira Lopes.

Originally, the Retreat House of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Casa Carmo) was a Hospital with the same name, inaugurated in 1947.


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