Hospitality at the service of spirituality


This place was born and exists to be a memorial of the presence of God, who manifested Himself here through Our Lady in 1917 and continues to show Himself close and loving towards those who come on pilgrimage to meet Him.

To better fulfil its mission at the service of pilgrims, the Shrine of Fatima has two Retreat Houses, in which pilgrims can book their stay. These Retreat Houses offer them unique conditions of proximity to the Shrine, as well as an atmosphere of hospitality and recollection that is propitious to the profound experience of this place of pilgrimage and prayer.

Being places of accommodation and, therefore, equipped with various components and services specifically for hotels, their primary mission is, however, to provide their guests with a close and deep contact with the message, the spirituality and the environment of this Shrine.

Throughout the year, the Shrine has many proposals for its pilgrims, whether through a rich programme of celebrations or through pastoral and cultural initiatives. You can find out more Information about this wide range of proposals by consulting the Shrine's Programme of Activities.

If you wish, you will also be able to deepen your knowledge of the event and message of Fatima and the life and spirituality of the Little Shepherds.


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