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The Retreat House of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Casa Carmo) has a large hall – Salão de Nossa Senhora do Carmo  and four meeting rooms.

Meeting rooms are all equipped with wireless Internet. Upon previous request, we can provide audio-visual equipment, such as portable video projector and screen, amplified speaker with microphone and analogue mixing table, among other possibilities.

Any of the available rooms is multipurpose and can be adapted according to the type of event: congress, conference, meeting, retreat, etc.

Rooms Floor Dimensions (W x L x H) Surface Organisation of audience U-Shape School format
Salão de Nossa Senhora do Carmo 1 9,6 m x 19,2 m x 4,2 m 207 m2 200 --- 200
Sala do Espírito Santo 1 6,1 m x 15,2 m x 3 m 117 m2 60 35 40
Sala do Secretariado 1 2,8 m x 5,4 m x 3 m 15 m2 --- 6 ---
Sala 45 1 2,9 m x 6,2 m x 3 m 18 m2 18 14 ---
Sala 55 1 4,1 m x 6 m x 3 m 24 m2 20 16 ---



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